Our Services
Church of Christ of Alexandria, Kentucky
Sunday School: 9:30am
Fellowship Time: 10:00am
    Coffee, Donuts, Cheese, Crackers
    and Juices
Morning Worship 10:30am

Bible Study: 6:00pm.

All are welcome!

The church building is located in the heart of Alexandria at 1054
Poplar Ridge Road.  We are located between the AA Highway and
Route 27.  From the AA Highway if you are going westbound turn to
the left (if you are going east turn right) on Poplar Ridge.  The church
is located about .5 of a mile on the right.  If you are northbound on
Route 27, turn right on Poplar Ridge.  The church is about 7 doors
down on the left.  If you are southbound on Route 27, turn left on
Poplar Ridge.  For more information call: (859) 635-2227.
Church of Christ of Alexandria • 1054 Poplar Ridge Road, • Alexandria, KY 41001 • 859-635-4160

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